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Vitamin E

Useful in cases of specific iron deficiencies in the child, which cause exhaustion, fatigue and immune weakness.
This mineral is essential for the synthesis of hemoglobin and therefore for the proper functioning of the transport of oxygen and nutrients in the body, therefore for normal body growth.

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Ferric pyrophosphate
Vitamin E

Preservatives: E202, E211

Acidifier: Citric acid

How it works

Liposomal iron is a particular quality of this mineral, which guarantees optimal absorption, combined with extraordinary tolerability.

Iron is needed by the human body for the synthesis of hemoglobin (protein that carries oxygen to cells), myoglobin and collagen.

It is also indispensable in the processes of cellular respiration and in the metabolism of nucleic acids.

Iron strengthens the patient’s immune response, supports normal body growth, counteracts tiredness and fatigue from winter disease or from stress in general.

Vitamin E is an antioxidant, it is also involved in energy processes.
From a cardiovascular point of view, it is a mild vasodilator, performs antithrombotic activity and strengthens the capillary walls.


Take 20 drops (1 ml) once a day dissolved in water, chamomile, infusions or liquids to taste.